D O   Y O U   H A V E   U N W A N T E D   C D s   I N
G O O D ,   C L E A N   P L A Y A B L E   C O N D I T I O N  ?

DUDESTUFF.com buys, sells and trades "dude stuff" such as rock music CDs and albums; action, horror and sci-fi movies.  However, we do occasionally buy other stuff like Christmas music and chick flicks (just not as often).

Send an email with a detailed description of the CDs or movies (Blu-ray or DVD) you want to sell and we will send you a quote for CA$H to you - or you can choose to receive that amount plus an additional 25% in "store credit"
and use it to buy anything on DUDESTUFF.com!

Actual amount offered will depend on two main factors:  1) Item condition and 2) Availability of the item with some regard to what it typically sells for elsewhere.  Please be accurate with your description, noting any scratches on CDs, damage to covers, writing or anything else on your stuff that would affect its value.

You can list each item on one line as such:
KIX - Cool Kids - 1983 - CD like-new, covers VG with some creasing to front, WOC, RC

Please be sure to include artist and title of CDs use these abbreviations in describing your items: SS (still sealed), NM (near mint), VG (very good), WOC or WOD (writing on cover or disc), PRO (promo copy), RC (record club issue
such as Columbia House or BMG Music), etc.  You do not need to include condition of jewel cases in your description; it is irrelevant.

We do NOT buy or sell junk at DUDESTUFF.com.
We DO buy cutouts, promo items and music purchased from record clubs, but store-bought items are preferred. Please do not offer us CDs or movies without covers
or showing excessive use, former movie rentals, bootlegs, MP3s, CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, VCDs or dubbed video tapes.

DUDESTUFF.com prefers shipping items via USPS Media Mail and in most cases, we pay for your stuff and pay at least 1/2 of your shipping costs for you to send it to us.
Sellers with larger collections who reside in central Florida can contact us and request an on-site appraisal.

All purchases must be pre-approved, so get started on your email today and get CA$H in your hands in 1-3 weeks via PayPal or U.S. Mail.

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